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There is usually a disconnect between the intentions of the heart and practical planning and execution.  Whether young or old, listed below are a few To Do items you should be thinking about and have in order.  Such fundamental actions are invaluable in protecting and caring for your loved ones if you are incapacitated, or worse yet, suddenly pass away?  This is not an easy gap to close, but an essential necessity.

  • Personal Information Organizer – family, financial, insurance, medical, assets, estate documents
  • Consolidate monthly, quarterly, and annual statements
  • Assist in reconciliation of accounts
  • Document and inventory valuables – jewelry, artworks, firearms, and other collectables
  • Secure and consolidate UserIDs and Passwords

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Susan was a life saver.  We all know how much info a bank needs when we do a refinancing.  Susan went through my paper files and online to download, consolidate and organize all the necessary information.  She saved me a lot of time and stress.

Alma C, Portland, OR

Due to unfortunate and life changing circumstances, Susan came into my life to help me organize and sort through an array of personal files.  I appreciate her diligence in working through all the details of financial statements, insurance policies, and various accumulation of paper.  I am grateful for her patience and her clarity in explaining the details of what she was doing.  Susan is still a part of my life and we have become good friends.

Lynne M, Plano, TX

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